Fidel Castro died yesterday.  He’s been around as long as I can remember.  I imagine Jane Fonda is crying into her yogurt this morning, as she simply seemed to be in awe of anyone who reminded her of a, “young Castro.”  It wouldn’t surprise me if Obama himself went to the funeral.  The people are celebrating in Little Havana in Florida.  He really wasn’t a very nice guy, as dictators go.  Oddly enough, just on this past Nov. 22, the anniversary of JFK’s assassination I watched a really excellent movie, “Thirteen Days,” all about the Cuban missile crisis, where that great guy, Castro, helped bring the world to the very brink of nuclear war.  But one thing I have to admit I share in common with ole’ Fidel:  his favorite book was also, “The Old Man and the Sea,”  and he loved the works of Ernest Hemingway.  I wonder if that was among the four books he allowed his people to read?