If the first half of this Thanksgiving vacation was unpleasant due to having the upchuckles, the last half has been as smooth and pleasant as silk, and warm as flannel.  Yesterday morning drove around in the 8 AM hour, so golden and beautiful, to Harry’s Ace and bought my Christmas lights.  My friend Libby, who was a cashier I met at Canseco’s when I first moved back home, moved next door to Harry’s Ace and she was on duty.  It was nice to see her.  Three trim silver haired dudes were coming down the narrow aisle as I was and all three drew to the sides to let me pass; such chivalry is so good to see.  I happened to turn my head and caught all three staring at me.  Well, let’s see…seductively dressed in baggy khaki cargo pants, a black T and my getting wracked out cross trainers, it seems I made a hit as they all smiled at me.  Everyone seemed to be in a good mood yesterday, of course, I was on Metairie Road and not the malls.  Drove to the Bonnabel Boat Launch, it amazes me how darker the water is on the South Shore as opposed to the gorgeous teal of the North Shore.  It grew warmer and muggier Thanksgiving Day as it always seems to do, but early this morning a chilly North Wind is blowing.  Made my chicken soup yesterday, and as I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for me, the leftovers, save the turkey, are just about gone.  I’ve enjoyed my holiday very much.  Starting to feel like Christmas.  The choir at St. Catherine’s have been asked to sing when they dedicate the Christmas stable scene in front of the church on 12/6/ I belive at 6PM, followed by caroling.  I look forward to that.

Outside of Mass today at 4PM, don’t have any specific plans for today.  That can be an awfully good thing.