Yesterday was a warm, cozy, pleasant, happy Thanksgiving.  After dinner, as I mentioned, relaxed all afternoon  nursing Pinot Grigio, and I have to say, it was perfect with the turkey.  Yesterday evening, going through my gallery of taped movies, I decided to watch one that had been on Hallmark called, “The National Tree.”  This was perfect.  It wasn’t the usual, sappy formulaic Christmas movie.  It was the story of a 17-year-old boy and his father who lived in a small town in Oregon.  The father is a widower, played by Andrew McCarthy, rather serious and a touch uptight, but good as fold.  The son is a video social media freak who films everything in a blossoming auteur sort of way, has a blog and skypes across the world.  He is a bit of a careless peacock, full of himself, but basically a very good kid at heart.  When he was born, his father planted this magnificent tree for him, and 17 years later, his video of the tree wins a contest to replace the national tree on the White House grounds…to be transplanted there.  He and his father load the tree onto the back of a huge semi for a cross country road trip from Oregon to Washington.  It was filmed in some very breathtakingly beautiful country.  The story was warm, with good conflicts, especially between father and son, and things they had to battle.  I could smell clean mountain air, and trees and minus the tree, reminded me of my road trips through mountains and countrysides.  Good story, I enjoyed it.  Missing road trips through the mountains.

Plans for the day:  avoid malls, and Walmart at all costs. Need Christmas lights for the back porch–think I will just stick to tiny Harry’s Ace Hardware on Metairie Road for that one.  Yesterday afternoon, remembering I had thawed some chicken out for soup, put the pieces in water with seasonings and simmered it for the base stock…smelled like heaven on top of the smell of turkey, dressing and the like…today will probably add the vegetables and herbs; might give myself a spot perm.  Need to go to the shoemaker.  Wanted to get some candles but I’m not going to Walmart.  Can you believe a man was shot to death in a Walmart parking lot overnight over a parking space in the Black Friday madness?  Feel like something very wonderful is going to happen today.