Kept forgetting to post this, and started not to this morning because there’s a holiday glow about everything, but something said, no, post it this morning.  It’s about women, and especially this past election, and so on.

I cannot abide Elizabeth Pochahontas Warren.  And a few weeks ago I saw excerpts of her, “Nasty Women” speech extolling their virtues, i.e., nasty women didn’t like men who made comments about women’s appearance, etc.  And it suddenly dawned on me that for all these women to make such a big point out of what I consider a very petty subject is because…at some point in their lives they wanted a man, or men, to consider them pretty, didn’t find it, and turned this into a cause against men.  You know, I’ve been on the workforce a very long time and I don’t remember any man insulting any woman about her appearance and believe me, I’ve worked for a few bastards in my day…but the meanest people I have ever worked under have been women.  And by that, I don’t mean, decisive, driven, ambitious, I mean downright vindictive, mean, abusive of authority, cruel, mean women.  The ultra feminists, many of whom a brilliant female associate professor in my Department calls “indoctrinated stupid fools,” remind me of shallow cats.  I think they’re all frustrated because at some time they were never asked to dance, or something or other.  I’m putting these petty traits on them because I find their cause to be petty.  Or at least the reasons they give for fighting for it.  It takes much more than to just show people you can stand up to a man.  Any fool can stand up to anyone and spout any nonsense that doesn’t necessarily solve the problem nor garner respect.

Well, I was asked to dance plenty times.  But I was also the target of male bullying in the 8th grade.  I’ve been whistled at, flirted with, dated, proposed to, yet I have been hurt by a man I trusted in the deepest of ways in just about all areas.  It hasn’t turned me into an indoctrinated feminist, because, as I once said, I’m too independent to become a feminist.  My point to all of this is the following:  Feminists jump on the abortion bandwagon because “they aren’t going to let a man tell them what to do with their own bodies.”  Again, motivation ruled by a man.  They will be as promiscuous as they can be because if it’s all right for a man than it should be all right for a woman.  Again, motivation ruled by what a man does.  They will be as ambitious as any man.  Again, man figures into it.  I don’t go that route.  It’s an individual sort of thing.  I’ve experienced sexism, but I have also dealt with it.  The things I do admire that I’m not certain are a result of feminism is the end of sexual harassment in the workplace; that just seems like a human rights progression thing of which I was a part.  I’m not going to rant all morning about this, but somehow I can’t help but feel a lot of this is born from a lot of frustrated wallflowers.  Believe me, there are far worse things in life to suffer.