The autumn sun will set in a few.  This has been a nice Thanksgiving.  My dinner turned out very delicious indeed, not a lot of dishes, but the dressing was divine; winged, pardon my pun a turkey stock of sorts at the last minute…last night I roasted three turkey drumsticks, and this morning, while making the dressing, scraped some of the drumsticks drippings from the pan, put a bone with a little meat on it in a measuring cup, added spring water and seasoning, nuked it for a few minutes…Voila!  perfect stock to moisten the dressing. Turkey was perfect, peas with mushrooms and shallots; dressing, and breaded okra (the last a strange one, I agree, but it was perfect…no au gratin)  Stuffed the celery, been sipping Pinto Grigio all afternoon oh so slowly, and oh so relaxed.  No dessert.  Don’t need it.

Sorry, but after two hours of the Macy’s Parade, all of the musical numbers started getting on my nerves terribly.  But worth it all in the beginning was to see the revival of, “Cats,” with a medley of sorts and a beautiful solo of, “Memory,” the song, and the performance of the actress had been in tears.  Poor Grizzabella.  Made me think of our days at Metairie Plaza, and my spot by the bookcase with the stereo, behind Mom’s chair and between the wall…lying on the floor with the earphones on listening to “Cats.”  Thirty something years ago.  The scent of books in  my nose and an occasional visit from the resident hound who checked on me to see what I was doing in that little small space…thrilling to the music. Happy Thanksgiving.