A few minutes after I posted earlier this morning, I got calm, and saw FXM Retro was showing a Susan Hayward-Tyrone Power movie, “Untamed.”  I saw this as a lttle girl on Joliet Street when NBC used to run, “Saturday Night at the Movies.”  And ran older films which promptly got me hooked into movie-itis.  This time, however, I was able to see it in color.  A memory from that movie I always kept over the years was how, after being together in what I though then was a lot of love and today would call, wild, blissful passionate love, duty called Tyrone (Van Rebok) from Katia Kildare (Hayward) in the pioneer days of South Africa.  He didn’t tell her he was leaving, but she road hell for leather to his company as they were heading on out, jumped off her horse in front of God and everybody, strode to him and cried, “I hate you for this!”  And gave the backhand of all backhands across his face.  You know, even as a kid, I kind of understood this.  Today, as a woman, can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt my own hand delivering that same backhand in a figurative way, understanding completely.  This was a good morning’s escape, not a bad little flick with pretty costumes; did me good to watch, snuggling in the soft rising sunlight.  Wild raw emotions in the untamed, even with a mystical sort of tree in it to boot.  Okay, I’m tired, going to rest.