Well.  Jefferson.Beauregard.Sessions!

Just a few minutes ago in the kitchen while on the phone changing from DirecTV back to COX Cable, broke into a heated, furious almost drenching sweat.  And with that, the zombie state I was in left me.  Didn’t think about having fever; broke my old mercury thermometer years ago and I can’t get the damned digital ones to work.  Think I must have caught Ryli’s, Tiffany’s daughter, bug.

COX will be installed a week from Saturday, just in time to tape or catch Svengoolie, and Sunday Night Noir on MeTV.  The agent I spoke with told me MeTV is one of their most popular choices, and blam, it is a lot of fun.  Will have the Create channel again.  And truth to tell, when the agent asked why I was switching back and I told him about the shenanigans the week before elections, he told me although he was a Democrat, to hear that was thoroughly disgusting.  I told him I would have felt the same if the shoe were on the other foot.  Ah, AT&T and their ties to the Clintons.

I’m glad to hear Trump is distancing himself from any involvement with investigating Hillary Clinton.  This has to play out in the DOJ office that apparently will be devoid of Clinton cronies, and then, if they find cause, a separate special prosecutor should be appointed.  Trump has shown he is already about doing the business of America and not on a vendetta cause.

Out of the zombie state, but still going to be wise enough not to go gangbusters in activity and not letting go of just having chicken soup on Thanksgiving at all.  There, having said that a little wave of fatigue hit me…going to rest until this is completely over…but it s on the way out.