Feeling better, not 100%, but better.  Slept last night, going to try a cup of coffee shortly, might perk me up.

I wish I could talk to you because I need your advice about something.  No, that’s not the only reason, feel the need to be propped up as only you could do it.

Changing subject, I realize now what the Tarot reading meant about Trump not being a clear winner although Clinton was the clear loser;  he didn’t win the popular vote, but the electoral.  Gotcha, Universe!  The most populated areas, like California and parts of the West Coast, and the illogical, out of town realm of New York City, and parts of the East Coast voted for her–California just legalized recreational marijuana and Oregon sponsors euthanasia.  Don’t get me started on New England and New York, but my point:   collective sets of millions of heads trapped up their own rear ends.  Good thing they did not decide the fate of our nation.

Horrible confession have to make here–when these fits of exhaustion come over me, I know something needs to come through.  A channel.  Which I fight and resist.

What do you do when God throws a monkey wrench in your pre conceived plans.  Blamng myself here that I got sick on Thanksgiving vacation, don’t have the strength to clean out closets, and the pile of dust I swept and got too weak to put in a dustpan is still there with the broom standing beside it.  My Thanksgiving dinner will probably be a pot of homemade chicken soup; truly, it’s all I want.  So, as always give thanks to God whatever the situation.  And I do.

Meant to tell you:  love your new glasses.  And, whatever you put on her, she’s still not me.