Would you believe that yesterday, with the cold North wind blowing in, it got too cold and I had turn on central heating?  It’s in the forties this morning, and the week promises to be cold, cool, very autumn like, even wintry.  Beautiful sunrise this morning, I love these mornings in autumn.   Slept with the heater on last night also, and same this morning.

What’s on tap today?  Nothing, no cooking, errands, will eat leftovers, unsalted cashews, unsalted pistachios, no housework, no cramming everything I need to do for the week into two days…may stay in my jammie bottoms and T shirt all day, wrapped in a flannel shirt.  No makeup; face washed, hair combed, that’s all.  Huddling under the peach afghan and recharging very tried batteries.  A cinnamon candle is burning, a blessed candle is burning and I’m all ready to settle down and watch the two hour season finale of, “Versailles” that i taped last night.

You may want to click on this link from SNL.  It’s the best thing they’ve done in a long time.  The video won’t download on my site, but the link might on yours.