Trump has offered the Attorney General position to gasp–Jefferson Beauregard Sessions of Alabama.  By his very name, he in condemned as racist according to the likes of the MSM.  He made a joke allegedly about the KKK and pot years ago.  According to that vast voice of the people of all the universe, Whoopi Goldberg, he is racist.  So says the NYT, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, etc, etc.

But in its indictment of his alleged racism in the NYT, they failed to write some very pertinent facts about Sessions:

He voted for Eric Holder’s confirmation as AG.

He voted  to desegregate schools in Alabama.

He voraciously fought for the conviction of the son of the Head of the KKK in Alabama in the brutal murder of a young black teen and likewise fought for the death sentence.  He advocated a supported a wrongful death lawsuit connected with that case and the win for the family completely bankrupted the KKK in Alabama.  He has a sterling record on Civil Rights, but he dared criticize the NAACP and the ACLU, hence he’s a racist.  He has been elected Senator of diverse Alabama for over twenty years.

The liberal media won’t mention of all, but in a petty attempt to pick at something irrelevant, will try to ruin this man and expect us to elevate their pettiness and inaccurate, incompetent reporting to the upper echelons of seriousness and  journalism.  Bunch of hacks.

Last night Mike Pence and his family wanted a night out to relax and attended the muscial, “Hamilton.”  Now, when Hillary Clinton attended, she was greeted warmly, hugs, ovations, etc. even by the cast.  But last night, the actor who plays Aaron Burr, interestingly enough an African American, which Burr definitely was not, with the cast behind him on stage, gave Pence a lecture about fear and concern and diversity and hoped the musical would inspire him to do what was right.  You know, that’s a disgrace.  I wouldn’t have done that even to Hillary Clinton.  Elitist Manhattan.  You’re all in quite a bubble there. The little foxes, stealing and lying and trying to take the vines of the field…only this time, they lost. But it’s apparent, the lying will continue.