The weather has been beautiful; the sun has risen in a golden haze edged with vivid rose and tangerine shades looking like a Peace rose.  It’s been cool and crystalline in the morning each day this week, and when that beautiful light fills the living room, I am so tempted to play hooky and just enjoy the day.  But I don’t, because I’m needed.  So, nevertheless, all of this has left me restless needing a change of scenery, or something.  I’m tired, restless and need a rest. We always get Thanksgiving and the Friday after off each year; this year I won’t be covering Consults on Friday, so I requested Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off for vacation days and they were approved.  An entire week off next week; looking forward to it very much.  I don’t know if it’s suppose to be cool or not, but I’m still glad I took the week off.

This Friday is the 18th, the fifth anniversary of me moving back home as I think of it–funny thing, that was also on a Friday, a beautiful almost cold Autumn day and the five years there have flown by–remember my first Saturday morning when I sat with coffee and my Rosary with the back porch door open, and because my place is M, I called it Mary’s House…and right at 6AM that first morning, heard the church carillon in the distance chiming the hymn to Mary, Salve Regina.

Trying not to make any plans next week, they always go awry.  But I want to do home things, like launder the rest of the curtains, clean out a closet, get rid of a lot of stuff I haven’t worn or used in ages.  Hoping for a cool North wind.

Dr. Kidd took today off and told me she was spending it by going to see, “Dr. Strange.”  Another Benedict Cumberbatch fan.  Years ago there was  a TV movie in the late 70’s entitled, “Dr. Strange,” that I watched, and completely loved the story.  And from the trailers, Cumberbatch looks awesome in this version.

But I don’t know that I am in the mood to sit in a dark theatre while autumn is here.  Haven’t even planned my Thanksgiving Day menu.  But, that’s always a fly by the seat of my pants sort of thing that seems to always pan out well, no pun intended.  Wouldn’t it be freaky if I were to make a completely Indian dinner?  East Indian.  We’ll see.  Feeling a little like I’m somewhere in limbo.  Wonder what’s really going on?