Awakened at 2:45 AM, watched, “Versailles,” wow, this is an excellent show all the way around.  Left for groceries; cooking a pot of homemade tomato soup now–it’s gray and in the fifties outside, house is open.  Also cooking a casserole I improvised, don’t know how it will come out but smells delicious–lamb sauteed in onion, garlic, then layered with egg plant slices, spices, Romano cheese, tomatoes, a smattering of bread crumbs.  Will give an honest report.

So much for only the stupid, non-educated people voting for Trump.  As stats emerge with the progression of days since the election, Trump beat Clinton by four point when it came to garnering and votes of white, college educated voters.  Somehow, as predicted, the Latino vote didn’t die out for him, neither did the African American vote, but the latter did show up much less for Clinton than in previous elections for the Democratic candidate.  Some of the lovely sentiments scrawled on the Lee Statue after the election was, “Die Whites Die.”  Wow, the Trump supporters were supposed to be the violent, hateful, intolerant ones who would cause anarchy and riots in the street…well, I see George Soros has been paying his little minions well to get them to these staged demonstrations.  Hillary is now blaming Comey and his letter to Congress the week before the election for her loss.  Funny, I wonder if she will ever consider blaming her own behavior for her loss…email server, Cliinton Foundation, Benghazi, etc.  Guess not.

Here in the Ernest Hemingway Room, the air sailing through the opened window is delightful.  Have to go check on the soup.  Deadline is looming, nothing written, start to panic and I hear that Voice:  Do you trust me?  Don’ worry.!  Well, yes, I do, I really do trust You.