That’s what my crazy dentist of nearly a quarter century says when  he’s praising someone in a sort of put down way, as you can imagine.

I say it for these reasons.  I have to admit I’m still feeling sick from this election and all that went before, and what seems to be continuing, but mainly what made me the sickest was a New York Times review I read of Megyn Kelly’s new book.  More about her later.  The reviewer, a woman, has to bring feminism into it of course, the sexual predatory behavior of Roger Ailes, and naturally try to tie it to Donald Trump.  The reviewer claimed that Kelly wrote in her book just before the first debate when she asked Trump first thing about demeaning women and all the feuding began that a strange driver had picked her up to bring her to the debate.  He insisted on getting her a cup of coffee which Kelly kept refusing and then finally gave in.  She drank it and then became violently ill with vomiting.  This apparently was after Trump had tried to influence her performance beforehand in the debate and she wouldn’t comply..  The reviewer practically stated that Kelly claimed Trump had someone poison her; it sickened me no end.  But what was even more sickening is that Kelly has since come forward and completely disputed the NYT review claims about this, stating she merely had a stomach virus that evening.

I can’t believe how low down this once revered publication has become; it’s worse than the National Enquirer.  How vicious and loathsome.  I heard on the news today that apparently since the election subscriptions have fallen off so much it is now apologizing to the public for the way it covered the election, and please, readers, don’t go and do come back.  Too late, Faustus!  They should rename this rag, The Penny Dreadful.

Now about Megyn Kelly.  She has waved the flag for women’s rights on her show for years; she insinuated to Newt Gingrich that Trump is a “sexual predator.”  She is against sexual harassment in the workplace.  So, knowing all that about her, I have a hard time finding her stance credible other than considering it a ploy to further herself knowing that she posed in her underwear in Esquire Magazine, and some of it was pretty revealing.  So, no sexual harassment, but pose in sexually suggestive, revealing pictures. I think she is an ambitious women with a lot of drive, and nothing wrong with that, but there now seems about her an odor of that which is cheap and hypocritical.  I’m sick of women like this, I really am.

Well, it turned cool today but it has been so hot, the air doesn’t have that fresh tang yet.  Nonetheless the windows are open, cleaned the storm door, back porch door and kitchen window this morning, and the oven.

There has been so much nastiness, violence, lying, twisting crookedness, petulance, insults with this election I feel like I need to take a shower to get the muck off of me.  Perhaps I just need to sage the house…