Friday, as always, is Grand Rounds in Pathology, and as usual I have to monitor. Today was second year-resident Dr. Peters whom I affectionately call, “Dr. Muttonchops” because he has the most glorious set of red mutton chop whiskers.  His talk was on embryology, from conception on…and God, it was breathtaking.  Now, although I am not degreed in Medicine, I can usually follow the clinical Grounds Rounds okay; the Researchers are way beyond Pluto and thoroughly over my head.  But his talk was magnificent.  He used an animation that showed the whole process of life being begun.  It started with an ova forming, the sperm splitting and fertilizing it, the egg traveling to where it could embed in the uterine wall and tapped into an arterial supply, and then the formation of the fetus, from looking like a seahorse to developing facial features.  It was three dimensional, breathtaking; and then he used another animation that showed how cells that determine sex transmit and travel along these rods to form and follow perfect synchronization as though by instinct, and at that point I couldn’t help but lean and whisper to Lacey Sullivan, “and they say there’s no God!”  She nodded at me effusively, and Meggie Doucet heard me and nodded and smiled the same way.  It was dazzling!