Spent most of today feeling disgusted, largely by the people with whom I share space.  Five in particular, all millennials, or  just before, regarding their comments about the election.  One bright eyes declared how stupid all the people who voted for Trump were, and that it should be a law that you can only vote if you have a college education.   There was such nastiness in the office yesterday afternoon, making fun of the photo of Obama and Trump shaking hands, comments about Melania, condescension towards the people who “believed what Trump said…”  I kept my mouth shut while making the private observation these are the kind of people that made others turn to Trump because they reflect the viewpoint of the other side. Such arrogance.

Now, no matter what I thought of Clinton, I would never presume to insult someone who voted for her.  I respect their right to vote for whom they believe is best to be president no matter how I might disagree with them; I wouldn’t ever call them stupid or ignorant, although from the comments of some of them, particularly the young ones, I find them very misinformed on government, hence the suggestion for Civics.  Nevertheless, it sickens me no end to see a man in Chicago being beaten up to the point of going to the hospital because he “was a white dude who voted for Trump.”  That’s something the KKK would do in reverse in previous years.  It sickens me that colleges are offering Play Dough to help students cope–and crayons–to color their blues away.  I’m all for Play Dough for therapy if you have a busted wrist as I did last year, but, really…There was a young woman telling Watters how frightened she was about the election because what was she going to do now that she might not be on her parents’ insurance until she was 26?  How would she get birth control?   Oh, my sweetie, get off your ass and get a job and get your own insurance coverage…I’ve been doing that since I was 18 and it hasn’t killed me.  I’ve never seen a generation of young people like these.

But to reiterate, the lack of respect towards people who supported Trump from start to finish is intolerable.  And today, I haven’t really said squat to anyone today other than a few because I’m dealing with being sick at the sight of them.

I do want to offer praise to Obama, and even Clinton, for extending the olive branch to unite with Trump and offer him support as president for the good of the nation.  That was heartening to see how they, Ryan and the rest of the Republicans, even Nancy Pelosi showed they respected the results of the election for the good of America. Harry Reid as usual had to act like a horse’s ass. But the riots in Oregon, the tantrums and calls for deaths on both sides because the spoiled brats didn’t get their way is a disgrace.  That’s something the Conservatives never did whenever their side lost the election.

Melania Trump looked like she fit perfectly there at the White House.  She will probably be considered one of the most lovely First Ladies ever