I’m glad the election is over now.  Truly one for the record books from start to finish.  The press, pundits and pollsters should be embarrassed beyond belief for the way they conducted themselves in this process.  The degree to which their inaccuracies are marked is monumental, with the exception of FOX, and some of the more conservative media who strive for journalistic balance.  At the moment, I consider the state of journalism in this nation to be for the most part peopled with biased, unprofessional hacks.  And their ilk were perfect matches for the ilk of Clinton–underhanded, lying, corrupt, self-aggrandizing.  And, only the uneducated supported Trump according to their insulting malarky.  I could tell you of several faculty members in my department who are brilliant brainiacs performing cutting edge medical research and clinical diagnostics that voted for Trump.  Nice try, lamebrains.

Funny, but I’m drawing a correlation with all that blathering and the Trump supporters who remained silent and kept the peace when they were being lambasted for their beliefs. The media kept spewing hot air about his supporters and the futility of their support because Clinton was leading in every poll (except the LA Times), and the more silent Trump’s people remained, the more the MSM blathered against them. Do you now what this reminded me of–myself in my very early teens.  Busted for wrongdoing by my mother, I was told I was punished.  And so, of course, I argued as to why that was wrong.  I laid out a very strong case against it, and, I remember, she just stood there watching me.  The more silent she remained, the more buoyed and conceited I became–here was I, arguing down my mother into no comment, spurred on by the lack of, “don’t talk back to me!”  She listened with no emotion on her face except interest, occasionally nodding through my spiel.  I have her, I thought, I really have her.  And when I finally ended speaking, she quietly said, “Are you finished speaking now Jeanne.”  Sure of my victory I nodded.  “That’s fine, ” she replied, “but as I said before, you’re punished.”  Turned on her heel and walked away, leaving me feeling like a complete narcissistic fool.  That’s what the MSM and the load the Trump supporters dumped on them reminds me of…arrogance outdone by the master.

At the moment, I’m just glad Clinton is out of the equation for presidency and hope this is the end of the Clintons who have been responsible for so much harm for the last twenty-five years in this nation, not to mention the grief they caused others before Washington.  At the moment, I think her reeling from this loss that was so built up for her by the MSM, is punishment enough for the time being.  But it doesn’t erase her wrongdoings with jeopardizing national security with the emails, nor the RICO activities of the Clinton Foundation using the State Department to rake in personal millions.  I thought Ford did the right thing by pardoning Nixon for Watergate.  But what the Clintons have done is much more serious than Nixon’s misdeeds, and just the fact alone that they think they are arrogantly above the law and can do anything they want warrants a special prosecutor to pursue this.  If Obama pardons her before Trump takes office, that will be the final travesty of his very poor administration, and the last crumb to fall from his failing legacy.

Yesterday afternoon, after having been awake for nearly 35 hours straight, give or take a cat nap or two, I did something I have never done for lo these many years on the work force,  I fell asleep at my desk.  I jolted awake with my cheek against my computer screen and could not focus my eyes to see.  I asked to leave early and did so.  And of course, got home, showed, got in my jammies and then grew wide awake again.  But revived a tradition.  Poured a glass of Pinot, and watched a taped episode of Dr.  Quinn.  I don’t watch it daily anymore but tape it and haven’t sat down for one in a while.  I chose, “The Traveling All Stars,” the one about the baseball game and enjoyed it all over again.  Got many hours sleep last night, and feel much better.  Hope I stop waking up so early now.  I think the election was really weighing on me.