There were several protests in American cities, New Orleans included, against the election.  The poor things didn’t get their way so of course a tantrum was in order.  In New Orleans, the delightfuls wrote, F**K Trump across Robert E. Lee’s statue in Lee circle.  (By the way, nearly a year later, the Confederate monuments are still standing across the city, their removal being tied up in yards of litigation and lawsuits brought forth by organizations fighting for their preservation.)  I heard that a professor of economics at Yale gave students the option of not taking an exam if they were upset by the election.  Colleges are offering free hot chocolate, therapy dogs, free pizzas and other offers of comfort for the dears who can’t live with the results of differing opinions.  There are even cry zones for the poor things.  Ah, give them a week with the likes of Sister Margaret Mary from Ireland, or, God forbid, I don’t think they could survive Sister Marie Moreau.  A suicide watch would certainly ensue at the hands of that fierce Marionite.  It’s hard for me to believe all of this; I’ve thought back through the elections in my life where I was either elated or disappointed but I always accepted them and offered the benefit of the doubt to the candidate, with the exception of Clinton and Obama’s second terms.  And weren’t both of those lalapaloozas!

HAPPY ELECTION                             UNHAPPY ELECTION

KENNEDY     (1961)                                    NIXON (1968)

REAGAN (1980)                                          NIXON (1972)

REAGAN (1984)                                          CARTER (1976)

BUSH (1988)                                                CLINTON (1992)

BUSH II (2000)                                           CLINTON (1996)

BUSH II (2004)                                          OBAMA (2008)

TRUMP (2016)                                            OBAMA (2012)

Well, it’s split right down the middle, isn’t it.  But my generation, except for these millenials didn’t grow up receiving Participant trophies undermining the winners.  And for heaven’s sakes, please reinstitute Civics class in schools again.  These crybabies are sorely in need of it.

Chocolate and pizza and puppies, Oh My!