Well, I got about two hours sleep last night.  Every minute of staying up late was well worth it.   An hour into the election coverage after the first polls closed, Trump was already up to 130 electoral votes.  As the night progressed, it grew and grew, and at some point, after all the polls, including FOX news (with the exception of the LA Times who has almost consistently had Trump in the lead)that had said it was going to be an early evening, Clinton would quickly win, it was that pure journalist, Chris Wallace who admitted the obvious:  “it’s quite possible that Trump is going to win. ”

When Trump had reached 254 votes, and Michigan, Pennsylvania and Minnesota were waiting to be called, with Michigan and Pennsylvania early trends showing a Trump victory, I had one of my hunches, those revelatory things.  I suddenly felt that Hillary Clinton, knowing these results, was in a state of diarrhea of post antediluvian proportion accompanied by rivers of  incontinence, and I knew that, she would not make an appearance that night to the public.  I could practically hear the shrieks from New York and wondered how many vases she was throwing at Bill. I also suspected she was downing a fifth of vodka in a chug-a-lug type of manner.  I seriously doubted she would show her face that night.

And lo and behold, out runs little Jonnie Podesta, still telling people every vote counted, it wasn’t over yet, but for everyone to go home.  She didn’t have the decency to face her supporters some of whom were openly weeping and collapsed on the floor (for which I have no sympathy).

Where was Hilly Baby?

Trump gave a magnificent speech when the election was called for him.  Practically the entire map of the United States went red for Trump.  Down went the elitist know-it-alls who talked down to everyone for supporting Trump telling his supporters how they needed to think because they, themselves were more educated, intelligent of a higher class, when they knew nothing of the other’s experience.  I was so sick of hearing them spout, “among college-educated voters, Clinton is leading.”  From Clinton calling Trump’s supporters a basket of deplorables who could never be redeemed, to Obama announcing at a podium that the people who supported Trump were ignorant, to the same Obama saying he knew Trump wouldn’t win because he had faith in the American people…well the uppity certainly have egg all over their faces now, don’t they?   So, who’s stupid now?  The MSM, the liberal elitists, the Washington insiders, the entertainment celebrities, all of them, the superiors (hah!) are just like the Tories from the Revolutionary War.  And, now the colonists have spoken.  Yorktown is done.

And, thank God, the Republicans held Congress.  Now, with the combination of a Republican president and a Republican Congress, perhaps now our government can move forward and things can finally be accomplished.  I think Trump is going to take good care of us and despite his rough edges– how can you fault a man for negativity when he is merely calling a spade a spade and truth rattles the most guilty–I honestly believe he is a true patriot and lover of America.  And one thing is for certain, he will be in my prayers daily.