HRC has made a big deal of painting Trump as a misogynist.  Calls women fat–gasp!  Calls them Miss Piggy-gasp!, Etc.  The dreadful Access Hollywood tape catching an Alpha male bragging.

All of that goes out of the window.  She stood onstage with Beyonce and Jay Z, the rapper, who rapped a song using the F word, N word and whose lyrics overall reflective of the genre are low down demeaning insults to women.  And she stood there and applauded.  That kind of puts her case re misogyny out the window.

The same for Bam-Bam who decried Trump’s words.  When he and St. Michelle have constantly entertained rappers at the White House for the entire eight years, composers and rappers of filthy words aimed at demeaning women.  They all make me sick.