So much for Jim Comey and the Praetorian Guard!  Unless, or, as Gigi said, o-r-r–r-r-, o-r-r-r-r…

Hands tied by the regrettably crooked DOJ, he did the best he could do to tell everyone what a careless ineffectual arrogant crook she was with her mishandling of the emails, basically laying out his case completely up to the very end when he said he didn’t recommend indictment.  He told us; we knew.

Then, nine days before the election, when she has a lead in the polls, (although this was seriously narrowing as people began to realize the Obamacare excuse me, the Affordable HealthCare) premiums were gong to skyrockets, in some cases as much as 216%) Comey makes the announcement that he was reopening the email investigation and let that carrot dangle until two days before the election.  Then, in an amazing feat of cyber legerdemain, when it took the FBI a year to read the original 55,000 emails before a conclusion was reached, these mighty men combed through 650,000 emails in eight days to conclude she was off the hook again, at least, they hadn’t changed their minds from the July bombshell they exploded.  Howsoever, the damage was done. They are at a dead heat in the polls.

Nevertheless having said all of that, it is my opinion that whoever wins the election, Comey is toast.  Trump will fire him barring some glaring admission of something and Clinton doesn’t want to go to jail.  This is one for the record books, Folks.

Sunday morning I awakened sans Daylight Saving Time at the precise hour the clock said it was.  With no fatigue, gained an hour of sleep, sleep rhythms seemed to be restored, in another words, a great hight’s sleep.  Realized it’s been a long time since I had red meat, another reason for my fatigue and cooked a medium rare lean sirloin with mushrooms yesterday and also cooked a pot of my own version of bouef boug.  Feeling better already.