The talking heads on television with their polls analysis, electoral college vote analysis, analysis, analysis, analysis, virtually can have your head spinning.  So, I will write here from a spiritual, non-statistical standout my esoteric experiences during this election cycle.

I have always known from the beginning that Trump would get the Republican nomination.  Even though I supported Kasich, all through that huge field of Republican hopefuls, I knew it.  There seemed a mark of destiny on him.  I have to add that I also felt each time I looked at him I knew he would be president.  I always felt certain of that.  It was never based on anything factual or rational.  I just knew it.

So, when it became apparent Clinton would win the Democratic nomination, or should I say, steal it away from Sanders, and I did that card reading before Comey’s first statement about the emails, I saw she had the worst cards in the pack; I saw trouble connected to Bill Clinton and because the cards were so bad, I deemed it to be a loss.  Repeating, and this is before the real slugfest between the two of them began, I never saw a clear, easy victory for Trump; his cards were full of wands which means struggle, fighting against odds, but persistent will and effort constantly applied until you reach your goal.  But I mainly saw the struggle.

So, watching the news and praying fervently for our nation, when I have heard she is ahead in the polls, I despair, thinking we are going to be stuck with this Gun Moll and God help our nation, and when that happens, I hear that Voice.  The same one that talks to me; has told me before a health crisis that I would need Him; the same one that assured me five years ago I would not have another stroke and I have not…I hear that Voice tell me that Trump will win.  Every time I start to despair, I hear Trump Will Win, or Hillary Clinton Will Lose.  It’s been without fail several times.

So, going out on a limb, I’m saying all of the above for a reason.  And if Trump is God’s choice for president, no ounce of the Clinton Machine can win.  Even their arms are too short to box with God.  And, if God is for you, who can be against you?