I would in other times post, have to get up very early, Election Day tomorrow and the polls open at 6AM; have to be there when they open and get to work in time for 8 AM; but since getting up very early every morning seems a natural trait…well, you get my point.

It’s been raining all afternoon, with some thunder.  Haven’t heard thunder in almost two months.  Long spell without rain, and gracious, does the atmosphere ever need scrubbing.

I remember, and this is a story worth repeating, Election Day 1984.  Reagan v. Mondale.  It was a gloriously beautiful chilly Autumn Day with sweet winds blowing.  Our voting poll was a block and a half away from where we lived, housed in someone’s garage at the end of the little lane named Cherry Street, our street address.  Mom and I walked there well before 7 AM under the rustling, streaming trees, and people were streaming there also. All of them looked like they were walking to church instead of just going to vote–I felt this reverence had something to do with Reagan, that he had inspired them to this–as he had inspired me.  32 years ago.  No, things have never been the same since he left office.

I’m laughing to myself when I remember the 2012 debate and everyone, including Obama, made fun of Romney for saying he felt Russia was out greatest threat.  Now, all the democrats are blaming Russia for the WikiLeaks dumps, and Vlad the Horrible.  How things can change.