FBI Director Comey just informed Congress that, after a mere ten days, he and his wunderkind staff have gone through over 650,000 emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer some of which were from Clinton and determined that they will not change their July position on filing charges against her.  Please note, the case for indictment was easily made, but the corrupt DOJ would not have followed through.

I find the release of this new absolutely a joke, honestly, the Obama and Clinton machine must think we’re all fools.  Especially funny for this to be released are the two stories that also came out this morning:  Clinton was having her housemaid print her classified emails for her at home, when that said maid didn’t have a security clearance, and, courtesy of WikiLeaks, the CLinton foundation paid for Chelsea’s wedding.  Please see links.

All this two days before the election.  And, no, of course, the system is not rigged.