A few random thoughts, observations and general journal info.

I slept most of the day.  Must be all those wee hour awakenings catching up with me.  Awakened at 1:45 AM, got up, watched news, went back to bed at 3 AM to just stretch out and awakened four hours later.  Tired, still, tired.  Thawed red beans for lunch, ate a bowl with rice, went to stretch out again in bed to catch up with all the Halloween shows I taped, i.e. Paranormal Lockdown, Ghosthunters Route 6-6, fell sound asleep.  Hope I awaken tomorrow rarin to go.

Today, thank God, is the last day of the imposed torture know as Daylight Savings Time.  Been in this hell for the last eight months.  I have already set my clocks back.  Something tells me I will be sacking out again soon because as I type this I can hardly keep my eyes open.

A couple of funny things to pass along that I’ve come across in this general saga of following an election that none other.  Someone called Hillary’s campaign, “Broomstick One.”  Well, let me ad  bwahahahahahahahaha to that one.  This morning in the dead hours of morning on “Red Eye,” a really funny show, a guest described Anthony  Weiner as resembling “an anorexic turtle whose shell had  been smashed.”  High marks to both comments.  Broomstick One.  I love it, only it is insulting to witches!  Wish I could watch Svengoolie tonight.  After the election, I’m dumping DirecTV.  It’s too soon now, and I only hope another stunt is not pulled.

Here it is November and it feels like June.  But at least it will get dark tomorrow at 5:30 PM as God always intended it to be.