For two mornings this week, at 5 AM, instead of “Fox and Friends,” the morning show I watch, the screen freezes and the channel picks up Fusion TV, starting with a show called, “Rude Television,” a reality show filled with toilet, behinds and poop stories.  Then, annoying metallic music begins playing as DIRECTV plays a screen flasher they are experiencing technical difficulties.  This went on for nearly two hours on Wednesday; it happened this morning and as I understand it the situation is the same.  I believe CNN has also gone out on DIRECTV.  That’s plenty fishy for this happen so close to a presidential election, frankly it has the smell of Clintonian Crap written all over it…what big news coming out today are they trying to suppress?  Tell you what, this has decided it for me:  I’m getting rid of DIRECTV and going back to Cable.  DIRECTV is now owned by AT&T, and I dropped them as my phone company due to their shenanigans a long time ago.   Even if this is just a conspiracy theory, to have a technical meltdown this huge from such a large corporation to last so long at such a crucial time is really lousy service.  Besides, I miss MeTV!