You hear that Mom?  You hear that Harry?  Cubs Win! Cubs Win!  CUBS WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!  Great article linked below.

I did watch the game.  I saw Fowler blast it out of the park. Somewhere through it all, because I had been awake since 2:45 AM, I fell asleep in the recliner, slept through the rain delay, and awakened with a start to see it was very late, the game was still ongoing and we were in extra innings.  Huh?  Extra innings in a World Series–never remember that happening in my experience.  Sucked in my lungs, gut, turned almost into a pretzel when Joe Buck said, “and the Cubs are one out away from winning the World Series.”  And man, they won it!  I’m so glad.  The curse of the Billy Goat is over.  I wonder where Steve Stone is?