Ever since Comey announced the investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal was reopened, due to, of all people, Anthony Weiner, a.k.a., Carlos Danger, having 650,000 related emails on his disgusting laptop that he shared with Huma, I have been struck by a comparison that keeps popping in my mind and won’t go away.  Before I mention what it is, I’ll make the following observations.

  1.  I think Comey has regretted his highly regrettable decision not to recommend indictment of Clinton this summer.  That was truly a head-shaker.
  2. When Trey Gowdy put him to task in a hearing and told Comey his FBI was not the FBI Gowdy always knew, Comey responded in anger, but I saw something else–hurt. Shame.
  3. Comey is experiencing a mutiny in his ranks since this investigation.  Resignation letters are piling on his desk and valid FBI agents are leaking to the press about their indignation regarding the outcome of this most grueling investigation.
  4. McCabe, the #2 FBI man on the investigation, has questionable links to Clinton, of course, with money being involved.
  5. It was reported this morning that when Comey informed our most crooked AG, Loretta Lynch that he was prepared to notify Congress (true to his promise previously) that additional information was discovered and deemed investigating, she told him it was against policy for him to do this so close to an election.  He replied, “are you ordering me?”  He stood up to her and she stood down.
  6. Obama has now come forth, while all other Dems are calling for his head in a strict reversal of opinion since the summer, to state Comey is an honorable man.  For a moment I wondered if another fix was in–this would lead to the same conclusion as the summer.  Obama has been caught in a lie when he said he didn’t know Clinton had a personal email server, thanks to WikiLeaks.  And he is praising Comey on this.  But then, I went to…
  7.  I think Comey now has them afraid.  They have a possible loose canon on their hands.  Comey is the Top Cop in the land; there is that old fraternal order of police that any honorable law enforcement officer won’t abandon his brothers’ backs unless they are as corrupt as Clinton.  Comey could sink all of them, he and his band of brothers.  So I get to the parallel…
  8. I kept thinking about Caesar and the Praetorian Guard in ancient Rome.  Caesar ruled them, but Caesar never wanted to get on their bad side.  As Caligula learned.  I don’t mean Comey and the FBI would assassinate anyone, but he could take them all down in a huge way.  Obama is fretting over his legacy.  Indeed, it seems he has cared more about his legacy than the American people.  When he goes out of office, he takes with him the disaster of the Middle East, no matter how much he blames George Bush; the utter failure of ObamaCare.  The nearly $20 trillion debt that is unprecedented.  Does he really want to also add to all of the above that he was the man who gave Clinton a pass, do not go to jail, for perjury, RICO, jeopardizing our national security by having a private email server, her complicity in the ruin in the Middle East–when I think of the slaughter that’s going on there, her creation of ISIS, but mainly for what are glaringly apparent criminal misdeeds…does he really want that written into his history?  It almost seems to me that the FBI at the moment are holding all the cards; the Praetorian Guard have joined ranks, and Caesar is watching warily, reluctant to do anything to tilt their contained ire onto his head.