Awakened feeling terribly tired, no energy, general yuck.  Yesterday was hot and humid as all hell; fell sound asleep in the recliner at noon and slept too late to go to Mass.  This morning it remained dark until almost 7:30 AM; we were shrouded in a Halloween fog, the air so heavy and oppressive.  Nevertheless, resolved to cook for the week and started early.  At some point, the lassitude left me and I could breath again; looking outside it saw where ir had rained a little and the fog was gone.  Amazing how the atmosphere can hold such sway.

With all the news this weekend about the FBI investigation, it was almost more interesting than watching Halloween movies I taped.  This morning, with FOX news on in the background, put on a pot of red beans that I will divide and freeze; roasting chicken and potatoes in a sauce made of melted butter (not really butter); Worcestershire sauce and a zinging New Orleans spice blend.

Resolved, since it is Halloween, in honor of the dish Dracula served Jonathan Harker his first night in the Castle, to cook Paprika Hendl.  Found a different recipe and that’s also cooking now.  So, despite feeling bad, but now better, had fun in the kitchen this morning.

Taped all of the Christopher Lee Dracula movies TCM showed last Monday night, have made it through The Horror of Dracula, and Dracula, Prince of Darkness.  Taped The Wolf Man, my very favorite of all, The Thing, and a bunch of ghost shows.  But the first thing I will watch this morning is Versailles.  Going to take it easy,  I’m pretty sure I have fever anyway and this will be a weekend when I will offer my rest to God in place of Mass.