Do you think ABC, NBC, or CBS might start covering this now?  Do they have any idea of the implications of all this information leaked by Assange?  Forget the pitiful excuse that Russia hacked them.  Joe Blow could have hacked them due to Clinton’s careless lawlessness with the private email service in her bathroom.  No wonder Comey didn’t pursue this, the coward, it’s goes right up to Obamazoid in a cover-up and with his lying about only learning about her private server through the news.  What else is coming, and how stupid are people still going to be to cast their vote for this hag.  Trump will surround himself with the best of the best as cabinet and advisors.  Clinton will ruin the nation by the simple fact of the way she will appoint the Supreme Court.  And that’s not counting the other ways.  God, give me a potty mouth over a complete sociopath–what does it matter now, what does it matter now–that’s what sociopaths say when something evil they’ve done is now over and a thing of the past.  It’s over, it doesn’t matter.  And shame on the Republicans who have abandoned Trump.  Shame on them big time.