Seems 1:30 AM is my new time to rise. Same thing happened yesterday morning, and today, and oh, well.

So, having awakened so early yesterday morning, rose, brewed a pot of Starbucks French Roast, opened the windows and porch door to the autumn air, sipped coffee and first watched the latest episode of, “Versailles.” This was a good one; such male arrogance; I would have hated to have been a woman back then at court. Poor Philippe suffering from wartime PTSD. But still such a card.

From there I watched the latest Halloween Good Witch movie from Hallmark. They started showing previews of the upcoming Christmas movies and heavens, it’s not even Halloween but I started getting the Christmas spirit already. This will be my sixth Christmas in what I still consider my new home and every last one of them has turned out to be wonderful. Seeing these previews reminded me of all that and how blessed I’ve been here in my home. This neighborhood has always seemed special and blessed to me, from Metairie Road to where I am and past. Driving home the other night, how after all the decades this area was my home, it finally dawned on me why it seems so: On Metairie Road, near where I turn onto Codifer Blvd. for the last leg home, there lies Munholland Methodist Church. A half a block past, on Codifer, is Metairie Protestant Church. A half a block past that is Metairie Baptist Church, and a block and a half past that is St. Catherine of Siena Church, my parish. And, a half a mile away from all of it lies St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. It’s like a concentration of blessedness that’s palpable. All those prayers.

Well, I did tape the movie, “Risen.” Yesterday afternoon I watched it. It’s about the crucifixion of Jesus and its aftermath, but this was an original and good story. Joseph Fiennes plays Clavius, a world-weary Tribune who has seen so much combat nothing fazes him. Fiennes gave a marvelous performance. What I loved about this story was that it was like a police investigation. Pilate, egged on by the Sanhedrin, who didn’t want the followers of Christ to move His body from the tomb, orders Clavius to get to the bottom of the body’s disappearance. And there in Biblical times, Fiennes conducts an investigation, a third degree of some of the principals involved–Mary Magdalene, and Batholomew the Apostle (in a really great scene). And although he is a dedicated and somewhat brutal Roman warrior, Clavius is a man of honor with some glints of humaneness shining through. He appears at the crucifixion just after Christ’s death and peers long into His face as He hangs on the cross. His investigation leads him further and further to discover the truth…right there to the upper room and this rational, hardened man is confronted with what he knows should be the impossible. Good, good handling of this familiar story, and truly, very beautiful. I will watch this again.