Time was, as a kid, EVERY Saturday was perfect, just because it was Saturday, except for the times St. Rita School dragged me to the volleyball tournaments as part of the pep squad to scream all day–hated it.  When I dropped out, I was labeled, Stick in the Mud.  Another stigma; just like the can’t stand Julia Roberts thing, and now, with the young people at work who whisper behind my back, Jeanne is a big Trump Supporter.  Oh God, the shame.


But today was quite the perfect Saturday.  A kid-friendly Saturday for Adults Who Remain Children.  A few quick errands after housework; had a kale and Brussels sprout salad for lunch with pumpkin seeds and craisins; still not hungry.  The straw-glass charm of a Chianti bottle beckoned and its breathing right now on the kitchen counter.  Mass was beautiful.  It did me good to watch all those old movies this morning.  I am now addicted to the Ovation series, “Versailles.”  Beautiful acting, production, characterizations, and that Phillipe is a real card.  Seriously, this is something I’m enjoying very, very much, and must admit ignorance because, duh, I always thought the palace of Versailles was in Paris but how wrong I was.  A lot of fascinating history here, depravity, conspiracies, plots, and while I always kind of wrote Louis XIV off as a frippery king, this series, if it is true to history, is making me really admire him.  The Sun King.  I relate to anything Sun.

Another beautiful evening; think I’ll sleep in the recliner tonight in all that fresh air with the Halloween lights glowing outside.