At long last yesterday morning autumn truly arrived in New Orleans.  A brisk NE wind, temps in the 60’s, apple-cider colored sunlight in the early morning.  Velvet cerulean blue sky in the afternoon when I took a late lunch and just outside on Tulane Avenue letting the wind style my hair.  It’s so glorious this morning, but I did wake up at 12:30 AM, gave up on going back to sleep by 1AM, went into the living room, opened all the windows, sat in the dark tuned to TCM where they were running horror movies from the fifties and sixties and just indulged.  1) Murders in the Rue Morgue with Karl Malden as the Mad Marais; 2) Macabre, a William Castle production where the announcer at the beginning asked everyone to watch out for the person sitting next to them as the movie was so horrifying they might need medical attention;3) A really bizarrre one, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.  All horror film noir except for Rue Morgue; autumn wind sailing through, orange Halloween lights on the porch, Earl sailing in his ghost flight…I had fun.  It’s not quite 8AM and I’ve already done what housework needed to be done, i.e., bathroom and kitchen.  It smells of Mr. Clean Gain–who can be in a bad mood on a day such as this.

Now I have seriously intended and tried to keep this blog PG-13.   I don’t like vulgarity but admit I can’t not help laughing at toilet humor…and there are some samples of vulgarity that I just can’t help but laughing at either.  So, while this may be considered absolutely crass, I have to share it.  This was an online article about Bill Clinton and the Pay for Play with the Clinton Foundation yesterday that I read.  Naturally, I went to the Comments section and knew I found one that fit into the Sick, but Can’t Help but Laugh category.  A poster wrote:  Somebody please tell Bill that Havana has made a new cigar called, “Scent of Monica.”  I couldn’t help but reply, Sick!  And yet, I am laughing.!  He replied to me that I had made him laugh so much he dumped his coffee all over the floor.  Ah, and then there was memory lane.

I remember the Saturday morning the Starr Report was released to the press.  The Times Picayune printed the entire thing in the morning edition.  It used a print font so small that you practically needed a magnifying glass to read, but it fit all of it.  Mom let me have it first as she was busy washing and setting her hair.  When I reached the part about the cigar, I was so completely grossed out I actually shrieked out loud…I could hear Mom from her bedroom yell back at me:  “DON’T TELL ME!  I WANT TO READ IT MYSELF!”  I buttoned my lip, finished reading it.  A little while later, Mom, curlers in her hair, was then reading it and when I heard HER shriek out loud, I yelled, “did you just get to the part about the cigar?”  “God, yes,” she answered.  Two grossed-out Frois women.  Dear God, to think that Clinton trash might be back in the White House again.

I have needed to strengthen my core, and also wanting to loosen my back a little more, so I ordered the SimplyFit board off of TV–jazzy magenta color.  It’s fun, but I haven’t had time to do a prolonged workout yet.   Have to watch your balance with it, but I find if I don’t look at my tiny feet, balance is not a problem.

You know, it is my utmost opinion that Geraldo Rivera is a consummate asshole.