Got my new glasses yesterday. Went to the wonderful Dr. Finkelstein, the nicest, most thorough man, who, alas discovered I have the slightest beginning of cataracts in both eyes. Thought I was having more trouble seeing than usual…but nothing needs to be done now, just monitor. So, on his recommendation, got Crizal lens with a UV filter and wow, what a difference they make in my vision. And i’m so glad they are finally making bigger frames; I have long hated those slinky, skinny things that have been in style for the last fifteen years.

This is the hottest October I ever remember. The car windows kept frosting to the point I couldn’t see and I actually had to drive to work running the heater before they would defrost no matter how many times I wiped them. That was not pleasant. It’s supposed to get into the 60’s this weekend…get wait to open all the windows and let the fresh autumn wind sail through.

I think Trump did beautifully at the debate last night. I can’t tell you how beautiful it was to hear him talk about why he is pro-life, especially after that device stated why she was pro-choice, i.e., semantics for pro-murder. And funny thing, still indulging in signs, can’t seem to have ever outgrown it…I said before the debate that it Clinton wore a white pantsuit last night it was a sign she would lose the election…and there she was almost looking like a September bride, or maybe it was December.

The story playing out on WikiLeaks…and I did wonder how she was going to try and spin all of this truth coming out from Mr. Assange–paints an ugly picture of the Clinton machine. It seems he is building to some type of crescendo judging by the quality of the leaks he is releasing…it’s almost like the 31 days of Halloween…they start somewhat minor, but emphatic, and grow more intense a little each day. I have been critical of Megyn Kelly, largely because of her histrionics on her show, but I will admit she can be a bulldog of a reporter and I admire that. I remember the shouting match I got in with a counsel general in AG Foti’s (another political clown who unfortunately ruined several lives) office after the wrong conviction of Kirk Landry–no, I’m not an investigative reporter but I was doing a story hoping to exonerate a man and saw then just how tenuous the ties between politicians and the press can be. But I digress. There was a WikiLeaks leak about DNC Chairperson Donna Brazile who also worked for CNN, i.e., The Clinton News Network and/or the Clown News Network…you decide. She bragged that she could get some of the questions pre-date that might cause HRC, i.,e. Her Royal Crookedness, difficulty. And the exact question she referred to appeared. Last night Kelly interviewed her about this and got the response that it was a false email, when dirty carcass was written all over her face and Kelly went after her like a bulldog. I admire this in her even when she’s holding the Republicans’ feet to the fire. Now if she would just stop, as Mom used to tell me, those “zelahs!” I’m sure that’s completely misspelled.