As someone who watches FOX News, who gets lumped into the diatribe of being called a Foxtard, a Foxterd, a Trumptard, and even our erstwhile President Bam-Bam who accuses the network of being a swamp, isn’t it amazing that the only completely fair, professional, balanced, non-biased moderate to helm all three debates this year was Chris Wallace of FOX (a.k.a. Swamp) News?  He put to shame the revoltingly bad and prejudiced Lester Holt of NBC; the completely unprofessional performance of Martha Ratface who actually, as a moderator, started debating the debater.  And Anderson Cooper who basically just sat there glowing like a snow cone with glasses.  Wallace put them all to shame with his classy, yet pointed style.  He was in control of the night, asking probing questions that got revelatory answers.

And I do agree with President Bam Bam on this one:  I truly think if more people HAD watched FOX News, that clown would NEVER have been elected.