Despite the Clinton Campaign throwing the kitchen sink at Trump, according to the ABC-Washington Post polls, he’ s still standing. According to NBC WSJ he is behind 11. Thank you very much but after all the stunts NBC has pulled in this election, I will take their numbers with a huge rock of salt.

WikiLeaks has been dumping a lot of revelatory stuff about our gal Hill. And her band of cronies. The MSM is paying little attention in their coverage of this as compared to the blitz against Trump and timely, convenient allegations against him by some women, two of which have been disputed by witnesses. There’s so much at stake here in this election: the future of the very country and the constitution. And the Supreme Court. I am trying to wrap my brain around the fact that some women will not vote for Trump because he spoke crudely about women but they have no compunction about voting for a woman who approves of late term abortions. For me, this is a no brainer. I mean, seriously, what’s worse? Someone using the P word for which any woman could easily slap him down about, or having an abortionist insert scissors into a third trimester baby’s head to “abort” the child all in the name of women’s rights.

And Assange’s leaks have also shown what a liar Obama is; the whole tentacled monster of the Clinton machine, how it reaches and smothers like a cancer.

They tried to shut Assange down over the weekend, and they are now in contingency plans. That is one of my favorite phrases. So, here is a link to one of their Podesta dumps.

And I post this as one of those medieval Catholics whose church “is in need of a Catholic  spring.”