I saw several political masterstrokes yesterday, and after a disastrous forty-eight hours, they were all delivered by Trump.  I am so glad he held the press conference that allowed the victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s sexual abuse and character assassination to have clear and full-throated voice.  I am especially glad he had all four of them sit in the front row of the debate with his family.  It was a masterstroke; clearly the arrogant, complacent, porky  and gloating wind was taken out of Madam Secretary’s sails due to their presence; Bill, also, looked particularly stricken.  I will reiterate:  Trump’s sins were low-down trash talk braggadocio Alpha Male filthy comments that should never be excused; The Clintons, i.e., the Dynamic Duo of Duplicity, were actions that resulted in egregious harm.  H. Clinton, the Champion of Women:  defending the rapist of a 12-year-old girl, using the defense basically, that it was this child’s fault, fantasy life…getting the fiend off, and then finding the whole subject matter a source of levity during an interview, replete with her phony Arkansas accent.  Champion of women and children indeed.  I would also like to point out the hypocrisy of women who are against Trump because of his “attitude towards women.”  Why is he such a reprobate but they have embraced Bill Clinton to the max and his harridan wife who enabled his sexual predatroy ways and attacked his victims?

That being said, oh my God, such poetic justice, such brilliance, such a laugh out loud moment in the debate last night.  When confronted by the Wikileaks emails that exposed her as having a private agenda but showing a completely different public one, in the body language I have come to recognize from her for the last 25 years, the side long glance, the tilt back of the head, the deceptively calm, highly measured voice, as if to really try to convince people of the whopper she is about to tell, she said she had really been talking about Lincoln.  Oh, my.  She actually said she had just seen the Steven Spielberg movie, “Lincoln,” and meant about how he had to do things privately that he wouldn’t do publicly.  God, that was rich, you know!  And Trump’s comeback to her was one for the ages.  So now she’s blaming Lincoln (and Spielberg?)–old Honest Abe.  He compared Honest Abe to her her–and basically said she was no Lincoln, but a liar.  Rich, Rich, Rich.  There’s nothing she won’t attempt to cover her lying face.

Now, I think Trump nailed her to the boards last night.  I am sure the MSM will claim he lost.  He didn’t.  But just remember, when all else fails, sing to the melody of, “Blame Canada, “Blame Lincoln!  Blame Lincoln! Blame Lincoln!”