The only reason I’m posting this is to call attention to the current situation of the presidential race, especially a portion of it that is being glossed over by the Main Stream Media, a portion that deserves more attention and concern than the item causing the firestorm.

Having made that little preamble, let me first address Mr. Trump.  His comments about women, that lurid, Alpha-male locker room bragging were without question disgusting.  And I can say without hesitation that if he had ever tried any of the actions for which he bragged on me, he would be tweeting like a canary for at least a week.  But, and not to defend him, I will also make this observation:  his wealth and fame made him into a rock star, and rock stars usually have groupies tagging along who will allow a famous rich man to do anything.  Maybe that’s what he was talking about, perhaps not.  Indefensible talk, what some Southern Ladies and Gentlemen would call the comments of an adder.  BUT, NOT A DANGER TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Buried into little sidebars are the telling WikiLeaks email dump that finally revealed the text of Hillary Clinton’s speeches to the Wall Street lords.  She dreams of a hemispheric financial world order, with open borders.  In other words, she envisions the end of the United States as we know it.  She would destroy its sovereignty, all for the sake of a dollar.  All for the sake of lining her own pockets with dollars; and I’ll take it even further, and it’s what I’ve feared about her all along:  The presidency won’t be enough even to satisfy her gluttony for power:  she will rule the world, she will control the world, it will be the world according to Clinton.  She will gobble up everything and still be hungry for more.

She has put herself forth as the people’s candidate, the champion of the underdog and decried the upper classes and the wealthy when she herself, as revealed in this email dump, advocates saying one thing publicly while doing and saying something opposite privately.  How can we trust this woman?  Look at the mayhem her policies as Secretary of State have wrought.  Thousands of lives lost through the creation of Isis; the Middle East more in shambles than ever; Russia on the rise through her stupid reset; Iran and the ridiculous nuclear deal.

She further announced basically, that she can’t relate to the middle class due to the fortunes she and Billy Boy have built up.  She didn’t add through the crooked Clinton Foundation.

Trump’s comments were sickening and they stand alone for that.  They stand alone for that.  But Clinton is the true danger, and not all of the emails and wikileak dumps have appeared yet.

I am remember the Tarot reading I did over the summer where I clearly saw a Clinton loss, and a loss in disgrace.  I’m also remembering reading Trump’s cards and not seeing him win clearly either.  Although not a loss.  It would a good alternative, I think, for the sake of the nation to keep Clinton out of the White House, to perhaps put the highly admirable, calm, refined, clearly an excellent leader, Mike Pence as the presidential candidate. But if this does not happen, voting for Clinton because of the comments of someone, who, ast the time, was in show business, made stupid comments, is not the way to help this beloved nation of America.