The more I see of the main stream media in America today, the more I am reminded of Pravda, the news agency during the Soviet Union. It’s rather alarming when the 4th Estate, which was always the last stand for truth and what was right, is being taken over by such bias. And I mean that not only from a political standpoint, but also with regard to other stories, and art, and movies. I do want to say that Hillary Clinton’s gloating and over confidence yesterday after the debate was nauseating and completely lacking class. Such hubris. She would do well to remember that Romney blasted Obama in the first debate; Kerry was deemed the winner against Bush in 2004 and both of those results proved to be no harbinger of victory, did they? The CNN scientific polls that showed her the winner of the debate, and again I say, nobody won it, polled a majority number of Democrats over Republicans. And while that may set a scientific mean standard, it in an of itself, is not necessarily scientific. What I saw on that debate stage was a programmed female robot sure of her success to win…and why I wonder? I saw a lot of heart and emotion from Trump.