The most difficult thing for me watching last night’s riveting debate was the split screen format that kept a perpetual zoom onto Hillary Clinton’s smug, arrogant, smirking face. She reminded me of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, complacent chipmunk who had just stolen another chipmunk’s winter store of nuts. Pleased with herself–for what?

So, having gotten that off of my chest I will make the following observations.

Trump did not lose the election in last night’s debate, a debate that was clearly out to lynch him due to the biased questions of Lester Holt, Holt’s inaccurate attempts at fact checking, and the numerous interruptions of Trump, compared to Clinton. Nevertheless, Trump held his own and got in some good wallops. Clinton’s attempt to paint all of us as inherent racists is something I resent, but, there was Trump’s eloquent description of the life African Americans and Hispanics face in the inner cities governed for the last fifty years by Democrats who only show up for election times and then say, see you in four years. I especially admire what he told her when she said he was part of the racist birther movement–a movement started by her own 2008 campaign–Trump told her he watched her debate Obama back in 2008 and that she treated him terribly, so “her holier than thou attitude meant nothing.” Remember the Clinton’s remark about Obama–“this guy should be serving us coffee.” Oh, that’s not racist in the least.

He slammed her on trade, slammed her on the mess she made in the Middle East and how she helped create Isis.

I think the debate was a draw, but only because there were a few doors Trump did not walk through completely–emails; Benghazi; lying before Congress; the Clinton Foundation. Holt offered no questions about those issues.

She viciously attacked him with accusations of being a racists and sexist–especially her last comments that were pretty much low blows. And here’s where I think the best part of evening came: He told her he was about to say in response something that was truly terrible, but decided to take the high road. And he didn’t go there. And everyone knows he could have easily responded about her own husband’s treatment of women, and her attacks on women who only told the truth about her philandering husband. He didn’t. At the end of the debate, when asked why he didn’t say this, his response was that Chelsea Clinton was a fine young lady who was in the audience, and he couldn’t say that about her father in front of her. That was HUUUUUUGE. And wow, that really is something a low down sexist pig would do, isn’t it? He revered the relationship between a father and a daughter; it’s much more than Clinton would have done.