Thought I would suggest something to you now that the Halloween season is getting underway. When I was a teenager, I found this book in the library in California that was based on a scary TV movie we watched. The movie was called, “The House That Would Not Die,” with a mature, silver-haired Barbara Stanwyck as Ruth. There was a line in it that said, “Ammie, come home.”

Two years later I saw a book in the library entitled, “Ammie, Come Home,” made the connection and checked it out. Read it many times through the years.

The other day I was going through my books and dug it out again and read it. Enjoyed as though for the first time. So, since it’s Halloween, I’d like to suggest you find it and read it. Because it’s a fine ghost story, takes place in Georgetown during the sixties, steeped in the 60’s culture but also grounded by an older coupled. The four main characters are people I love, the dialogue is fine and there’s a nice contrast and harmony between the mature Ruth Benneth and Professor Pat McDougal, her niece Sara and Sara’s boyfriend, Bruce. Good atmosphere, good sense of family, and a good plot. Don’t know why, but something is telling me to ask you to do me a favor and read it. Takes place in an old Georgetown mansion, in November, in the sixties…Please.