I’m so tired today; this was such a difficult Monday. When I go home, I’m going to drink iced coffee so I don’t fall asleep during the presidential debate tonight. Something I definitely don’t want to miss. Of course, Donald Trump could come up with the complete cure for cancer, the solution to end poverty, give the ultimate answer for anything, but because it is Donald Trump, rags like the Washington Post and NY Times, not to mention mainstream media networks, will call him unenlightened, at best. What a surprise! The NYT endorsed Madama Clintonia. I think I’d have to put that headline on the floor exactly in the in the line of Fido’s aim, if I had a Fido.

Not too surprising, turning down to Bayou Land, Les Miles, coach of LSU football, was fired yesterday. He had a good run at first, a national championship, but his coaching in the 2013 National Championship, i.e., running the same play that ‘Bama could see coming each time a mile away, to be it succinctly, sucked. He has squandered a lot of his fine resources in recent years, but there was a time when he truly was a wonderful coach and he is owed tribute for that.

Are you watching the debate? Will Hillary have to leave the stage again and go to the toilet? Will they body exam her for ear plugs before it starts? Will Gennifer Flowers and/or Monica Lewinsky show up anyway and sit in the front row. Kudoes to Trump for not going through with the Flowers thing, unlike Hildebeast who invited Mark Cuban to sit in the front row to mess with Trump’s mind. Good luck with that one.

I regret giving away my hot air popcorn popper when I moved back to Old Metairie. I could pop some in the Dutch oven the old-fashioned way we always did, but they must be gearing the corn kernals for hot air poppers–it doesn’t taste the same in the big pot.

I’m starving, sleepy and not looking forward to driving home because I’m tired. The Saints are playing Monday night football against the dirty birds of Atlanta…almost wish Bono and Green Day would perform…as they did ten years ago after Katrina. However, I don’t think I’ll be watching the game.