This popped up on a completely unrelated search this morning, so I guess I needed to be reminded of it.

Anyhow, it’s Sunday, and this weekend has felt like a traditional fall weekend of old such as I love…believe it or not, once I get started, I enjoy housework and used to love spending Saturdays getting it done; as was yesterday.  More to do, but as I said, stages…The sun is getting that golden autumnal slant I love so much although it is still hot as blazes.  The Halloween decorations are up, Earl the Ghost is spinning in the wind of the ceiling fan, the windsocks are up on the back porch and last night during a commercial break for the heart   breaker of the LSU and Auburn game, I got the orange Halloween lights entwined on the back porch railing and enjoyed them all evening.  LSU game was a heart breaker.  But it doesn’t seem like fall if they aren’t there on a Saturday night, and the sight of their purple and gold uniforms just cheers me.

Desperately wanted Italian food this weekend, so at 6AM chopped onions, garlic, browned a beautiful lean roast, and tomato paste and a pot of daube is slowly bubbling on the stove making really cool witches’ cauldrons sounds.  Smells heavenly, a batch of herb loaf is awaiting the oven and I am enjoying my home completely.  It’s Autumn, and that always makes me think, “God’s in is heaven, all’s right with the world.”