As one who generally eschews network series, I did tape two on FOX last night and Wednesday:  “The Exorcist,” and “Lethal Weapon,” respectively.  In a spate of idolness and industry, working in stages and resting, I watched both of them this morning and liked them both very much.  So, I will program to tape regularly both.  The actor playing Riggs looks more like Johnny Depp than Mel Gibson, but he does a good job, as does Damon Wayins as Murtagh.  “The Exorcist ” is creepy and well-acted, with good characters.  There’s also a hunky Hispanic priest, Father Tomas, who, in character, qualifies as a Father-What-A-Waste.

Cleaning in stages, decorating in stages, wondering what you’re doing this morning.  Heard the call of, “Bloody Hell,” last night, looked at my watch and saw it was precisely 6:30PM–time  for Wheel of Fortune.  So, I watched, but couldn’t handle the segue way into “Hell’s Kitchen.”