TCM, on Sunday, showed two of the Tammy movies:  “Tammy and the Bachelor,” and “Tammy Tell Me True.”  Forgive me if I found Sandra Dee as Tammy in the latter a bit of a gag fest although it was a sweet story.  But the real reason I taped both of them was for the first, with Debbie Reynolds in the title role, and, 1) it’s the first movie I have any memory of ever seeing, when I was about three or four, at the old Ashton Theatre in my neighborhood, with Daddy, and the only thing I remembered about it until I saw it again some 25 years ago was the downed plane in the whirlpool–and the song.  I still found it to be a sweet tale, I loved Leslie Nielsen as Pete, and Reynolds as Tammy, and who, according to Ben Manciewicz on TCM, was 24 at the time and pregnant with Princess Leia.  This movie is now very sentimental to me because of whom I watched it with twenty-five years ago and whose heart melted when Tammy threw herself onto her dead grandmother’s rocking chair…among other reasons.  At this time I believe this person suspected I might have been a fine hick who was to be transformed into a “fine lady.”  But I believe he changed his opinion not long after a full 360.

Now, onto to Kylo Ren.  A conflicted young man.  Who reminded me of the British Upper Middle Class.  He somehow felt that the love for his father, his family, was a weakness and if he could get the strength to completely turn his back on it and destroy that which he loved, he was a superior being.  Translate that into class behavior–ignore the children, ignore love, embrace that which is deemed status correct or equal–to twist love that way is indeed to descend into the dark side and mistakenly think you’re strong.  Gracious, a perpetual emotional diet.