Here we go again. When the liberal, left leaning press want to push something, whether it’s a lousy Indie film made by a talentless woman, or now this, just because they can, I suspect, sadly, there are people stupid enough to swallow the Kool-Aid. The Washington Post is now declaring Hillary Clinton to be a “fashion icon.” What $hi+ have they been smoking? Dye her hair black, give her a huge pair of black glasses and you could mistake her for Kim Jong-il of North Korea, flapping about in those Barnum and Bailey tents. A Fashion Icon. Good Lord. But, as Tucker Carlson said, nobody reads The Washington Post anymore because, like the New York Times, of the garbage they print; or, it’s only read by elitist East Coast liberals who can’t relate to the rest of the human race.

Fashion icon. The Emperor’s New Clothes.

And on the subject of clothing…last week when I wore my tribal outfit with boots, Dr. Sullivan hailed me from the parking garage and complemented my attire. She said when she caught sight of me I cheered because I was wearing the colors of a beautiful fall day–and she subsequently cheered me by her kind words. She told me I really needed to check out the Sundance catalog because they had beautiful things and every time she saw it she was reminded of me. But, it’s expensive, beyond her price range and so I know well beyond mind. But I did check it out and the clothing is gorgeous–and–high, but what struck me most was that you could find clothes like this back in the 90’s for reasonable prices. I guess there are a precious commodity now because the clothing that’s out today is horribly made–crooked seams, odd sizes, diastrous prints. Must be all the outsourcing overseas.

By the way, all the stabs Hillary takes at Trump because his factories make clothes overseas–all of her pantsuits that cost in the thousands of dollar are mainly made in Bangladesh.