Last night when I got home, trying to relax, I started to come here and mention several more thoughts I had on the previous subject and its offshoots but stopped myself because these are things I will never tell you ever but keep them to myself from you forever because they are that bad.

Let’s just say that when I was in Majoria’s today for weekly errands, when the music they were piping in played, “Why Do Fools Fall in Love,” I paused for a minute and just nodded my head in the direction of the music in full commiseration, looking back on the long corridor of the years.

On the subject of things that I find lovely, it looks like storm clouds tonight are going to hide the harvest moon from New Orleans.  4PM Mass was beautiful again.  Watched the season finale of, “Ripper Street,” one of the darkest episodes of any television show ever but it was riveting and horrible at the same time.  The other night I snuggled into bed early in the dark, and decided to watch, “Star Wars” again without a sleep interruption.  There was a scene where these tentacled things were attacking people in the Millennium Falcon and sometimes when there’s action in a mood I have a tendency to unconsciously stick out my foot–well, there I was look at the tentacled monsters and suddenly onscreen there appeared this black claw and I said, I don’t remember that…then I realized it was the silhouette of my own foot, the one with the deformed toe–it looked just like a monster’s claw, so I curled my toes at the screen and growled.  It was only fitting.