I saw the video that Clinton and her entourage was unaware of being filmed, of her “overheated” collapse in the 77 degree temperature of New York at the 9/11 memorial. I have seen people faint from heat, faint from illness, but I have never seen a person fainting or collapsing from those conditions bob their heads like a bobble head and then collapse. That woman had a seizure. Why didn’t her entourage take her to the emergency room of a hospital after such a collapse, why to her daughter’s apartment?

I am in relatively very good health but I know I don’t have the stamina at this stage in my life to be President of the United States. Look how it ages everyone who holds that office, even Barry Bam Bam. There’s something so predominantly fishy completely all the way around about Clinton. May God spare this country from a presidency that includes her; greedy, power hungry woman, please don’t let her ravenous ambition consume all of us.

Now, where can I find a “I’m One of Trump’s Deplorables” T-shirts?