Gracious, we had a firecracker of a thunderstorm this afternoon.  Prolonged and particularly vicious.  The lights flickered on and off and few times and lost power for about thirty seconds but thankfully it came back on.  It was air to ground lightening over me, with thunder booming almost the same time as the flash of the lightning.  Moved Teddy out of the rocker that faces the glass back porch door and let him sit with me.  I had been watching the Saints game, enjoying it for once, starting to enjoy football again because it seems the huge crackdown over those vicious hits that turned me away from it for years seemed to be having some effect, i.e., it looks like a sport once again not a bloodletting.  They were ahead by two touchdowns against the Raiders with an offense that looked nearly perfect; then, with the storm, the signal went out in the third quarter for a long time so I just read–when the signal came back on, it was well into the fourth quarter and the Raiders were now behind by one point, score of 27 to 34.  The signal went out again and came back on as the Raiders were going for two points after having scored a touchdown instead of a field goal.  They got the two points with 47 seconds left to play in the game.  Drew Brees took them down the field, signal went out, then back on.  Lutz, who had not missed any field goals, was lining up to get three extra points and the win.  Signal went out.  When it came back on, the game was over, Detroit was now playing, but I caught the scores liners at the bottom of the screen.  Raiders:  35.  Saints:  34.  Final.  They lost a game they had been winning with a significant lead.  I think it’s all those railroad workers’ graves they built the Superdome over. I really do.

Well, finished my book, thoroughly enjoyed it, read all afternoon and now I will crash in front of the TV.  My dinner was really delicious, I’m pleasantly tired from doing nothing all day and am about to slip into my red nightshirt, flannel shirt and heavy gray socks.  The sky in the West was filled with a huge purple cloud that seemed to stretch to earth with tongues of lightning shooting out; pale gold light fringed it; ominous and beautiful.  Feel like writing a very atmospheric novel.  A really creep-out, but a subtle one…no slashers, zombies, or inherent grossness.