Awakened filled with sinus gunk, stomach gunk, so I’m staying home.  It rained well into the night yesterday and was drizzling this morning.  Fall is coming and I guess it’s time for my sinuses and allergies to start kicking in, rats.  Didn’t watch any news yesterday but this morning I saw where Hillary Clinton collapsed at the 9/11 memorial service yesterday.  Lots of speculation about her health, I know.  She’s been diagnosed with pneumonia and as you know and I know having had it three times since 1999, it’s no fun and takes a long time to get over.  I’m not glad she’s sick but truth to tell I’m frankly just indifferent about it.  I do suspect there’s a lot she is hiding about her health, but then again, she’s such a sneak and a liar I don’t trust anything she says, i.e., cue landing in Bosnia under sniper fire (video later showed so untrue, a bunch of school girls handed her flowers) and Chelsea, you know, Web’s kid, was jogging around the World Trade Center when the first plane hit.  Having had new-monie at least five times in my life, three in the last seventeen years, I can find no sympathy for her although I have it for anyone else.  I just want to sort of tell her, suck it up Old Girl.  You won’t have to cook your own meals, buy your own groceries, take yourself to the drug store, you just have to rest.  I’ve had to do all of the above.