Finished, “Star Wars.”  Oh my goodness, Han Solo is dead.  Killed by his own son, who looked, in a weird way, like both Leia and Solo, but heavens.  And Leia knew exactly when it happened far away as she was.  But I have to say, the only other death scene I’ve ever seen in anything that I could honestly quote Augustus in, “Lonesome Dove,” was in “Lonesome Dove,”  about Jake:  “he died fine, didn’t he?”  And so did Solo, he died with love for his evil twisted son.   He died fine.

I liked this movie.  Of the three leads, Fisher has aged the worst, but never mind, that’s not important.  When I saw Luke Skywalker at the end, all I could see was that skinny, blond-haired blue eyed kid fighting Darth Vader to protect his sister.  How the years have flown.  Couldn’t help remembering, as I watch Daisy Ridley as Ray, that I once could move like that–climb, run,hike,  with no effort.  As Mimi once said when I leapt over something, “it’s could to be young and move that way…”  Well, I’m not decrepit in the least, just slowed.  Achilles tendonitis doesn’t help and a back lower back, however, I did find some Strutz this weekend and they have basically saved my heel and ankle.  I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I have finally wised up and realized my body isn’t able to keep up with my mind as evidenced in some of the fractures in recent years, so I give in to it and enjoy my memories–and activities also.  Heavens, what a yawnful yarn this was (yuk-yuk).

Well, got my leaden posterior out of the recliner to cook something.  Lean sirloins in red wine, mushrooms and garlic, humongous veggie kabobs in a special balsamic vinaigrette wash that I roast them in; and two skilled halves of chicken with sage–the house is beautiful redolent of the first two dishes that are now cooked; haven’t smelled the sage yet–by the time I am ready to swim on the weekends, a thunderstorm looms up, as it is doing now.  And I don’t like to swim on Sunday afternoons–too crowded and people are using the community grill.  I don’t use because, I mean, ew.

But he died fine.  And of course, you know a sequel  must be on the way.